Story Club

Story Club

Since a few years now, Story Club has been a typical part of the modern image of the old town and Saripolou Square. A club with a dynamic presence, has managed to make an impression in the nightlife of the city, being a favorite option for those who love loud music and dancing.

In a spacious place, with modern decoration, where the impressive lights over the main bar being the trade mark of the venue, the setting is ideal for making you party hard. With music choices from the international music scene and artisan Djs on the decks, it is hard not to get carried away with the beat at Story Club.

For 3 nights in the week, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the Limassol city center provides an  ideal destination for being around lots of beautiful people and dancing till the morning comes.
Telephone: 99399769
Address: 16 Kanari Street, Limassol

Facebook: Story Club

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