It has been around for just a few years, but it feels like it has always been at the square, quite possibly because the connection with this historical area in Limassol, was in fact the goal when the place first opened.

This “Madame” settled down at Heroes’ Square in 2014 and it may not have anything to do with the prostitutes that used to reside around there, but it did become part of its history already.

It is one of the most modern and youthful bars in the city, which has managed to stand out both for its cozy and friendly atmosphere, as well as its signature cocktails. Choosing Heroes’ Square as a location and using the space of an old, traditional restaurant on Andreas Droushiotis Street (opposite Rialto Theater), it did make clear since the very first moment that, despite being a new arrival, it does share the vibes, the identity and the feel of this typical Limassol square. Thus, the former “Kifisia” restaurant, was turned into “Madame” bar, with a name referring to the history of the square, as a spot where prostitutes used to work around the mid-20th century.

Apart from the special and imaginative cocktails and the bites inspired by the international cuisine, “Madame” has introduced in its menu an unusual option, just because it used to be part of the habits for people hanging around the square.

So, if you ask for a local beer, you will get it in a large bottle, just like the way they used to drink it around there since forever. With its outdoor are spreading towards the square and Rialto Theater, its guests are in fact becoming the guests of this entire, historical place.

After all, the original owners of the restaurant are partnered with the new managers of the place, which makes it a natural successor of the life of the square and a bridge between then and now.

This is why many of the materials used in the restaurant, are now part of the furnishing or the decorations, while the small loft that used to be above the kitchen (where the children of the family used to study after school) is now one of the most impressive, crafted decorations of the venue, right above the bar.

So, some days you will find it into a relaxed vibe, but some others you will find it partying, with the entertainment spreading out towards the square.

Address: 24 Andrea Drousioti str., Iroon Square, Limassol

Contact info:
Telephone: 25364218

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