Persefoni Hiking Trail

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The route passes through lush vegetation of black pine in the first two kilometers. There are wonderful images to the end of the path, near Long Kontarka.
The trail is named after the ancient goddess of spring, Persephone. It is about 3 km in length and to walk through it you will need about 1.5 to 2 hours. Starting at a distance 150 m south of Troodos Square, with an altitude of 1,720 m, it ends in a stunning location with excellent views of 1.660 m height.
Throughout the distance the trail offers you a unique view and it periodically passes through beautiful stands of trees and rich vegetation. Let your eyes wander the open skyline from multiple points of view and see different areas and villages in the Limassol district.
Some of the plants that you will see are agriokydonia, the oak, the tefkrion the skoutellaria the Petrokefalo, the black pine, the aspromarapelia, dunite, wild rose, agriomilia and many others are waiting for you to to find them out !!
Start Point: 150 meters south of Troodos Square, towards the area Police station. The route is linear and hikers must return by car to be waiting for them at the junction with the forestry road, or return the reverse route.
Estimated Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty Rate: Category 1: Easy trail, with terrain problems and mild changes in gradient.
Trip Length: 3 km


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