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The trail passes through pine forest and ends in the "Cave of Athasias" believed constructed for finding minerals. In principle it is wide and is used as a dirt road for about 200m. Then narrows and continues as a simple path. H "cave Athasias" is spot in the woods so to return must be returned by the same route.
The starting point of the trail is near the village Vavatsinia. What? You do not know the Vavatsinia? Learn everything you need to know:
In the village Vavatsinia will enjoy an amazing semi-arid climate, one of the cleanest areas of Cyprus. The landscape is impressive and covered with broad-leaved deciduous forests. The climate is dry and hot during the summer season, which is the usual climate presented in the mountain villages of Cyprus.
The square is located at the village entrance. cobbled has been constructed on the initiative of the Community Board and the financing of the District Administration Larnaca.
Square Park in the river
You will find in the village center, where you will also see the first well of drinking water, the first inhabitants of the village. Still, interest will cause you the Burrows opened by the villagers to find more water. In the square you can walk on the path that runs parallel to the river and rest platform located in the riverbed.
Trail Athasias
We will meet in the north of the village, passing the Machairas street, you will find lights that will show. Walking the path to the end will find the Cave of Athasias. The area is the cave called Kakaris and belongs to Machairas forest. Learn even that the cave was opened for Franks to find copper.
Architecture Vavatsinias
Traditional houses and buildings, mainly in the village core, highlight the ancient architecture and the history of the village through the centuries.
You will not find difficulty to discover it as it is in the center of the village. Renovated in 2007 and the retort is donated by Kyriakos Agathocles. They used all villagers to earn their Zivania.
Traditional and old tree or otherwise Sykamia
From which the name of the village was taken ! Located on the lower side of the village to the river. Next to the tree passed road connecting the village with other villages. From testimonies we learn that the tree was there even before they built the village!
The Geropefkos
village trademark, which is located in the cafe square of St. George. The space houses the cafe was the first school in the village. From testimonies larger school was built before the construction of the church. The pine planted the first students of the school!
Cycling Route Machaira
Going 25 km to the forest and Machairas region of Pitsilia you complete this tour.
From Machairas Monastery the route goes west through the small villages Lazanias and Gouri, where it turns south to the drug. From Farmakas going southwest, descending towards the main Lefkosia - Paleochori, Paleochori the barrier on the left. From there the road turns left to go through Apliki steadily climbing for 5 km until you reach Palaichori.
Start Point: Machairas Monastery
End: Palaichori
Total Distance: 25 km
Difficulty Rate: Although the entire route is on paved road, there are several steep uphills. A street bike with at least 14 speeds or a mountain bike with 21 speeds.
Road Conditions: The majority is on paved roads.
Current Perpendicular Height: 240 meters
The school
We will see in the east of the village. Built in 1945 by Chatzisokrati Papaloizou who had gone immigrant in Egypt. The regeneration of the garden took eager villagers.
The Holy Water St. George Vavatsinioti
Located near the church in the village center. We know also that the holy water was before the building of the Church.
Camping site Vavatsinias
The Scouts of Cyprus means the District Committee Larnaca Scouts and Old Larnaca Scout Committee before about three years have created in one of the most beautiful locations of Vavatsinias village to scout camp for both the educational needs and entertainment. The camp includes mageirio, a huge dining room four dormitories that can accommodate up to 50 scouts, showers, toilets and 11 tents bases hosts other so scouts. Summers mainly the camping area flushed by scouts from all over Cyprus and so they get the chance to experience both the village and the surrounding area.
Traditional Dairy Helen
Located in the village center behind the church of St. George, where you can buy halloumi, Anari and trachana.

Starting point: Rural dirt road running from the forest road Vavatsinias - Kionia, 3 km outside Vavatsinia
Trail length: 2,5 km, 5km to return
Calculate Time: 1 hour, 2 hours return
Degree of difficulty: 2
Format: Linear
ADDRESS: Vavatsinias Area, Kionia

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