I Need Picnic Now, 6+1 Best Excursion Areas in Cyprus

BLOG / I Need Picnic Now, 6+1 Best Excursion Areas in Cyprus
Many people haven’t yet planed their vacations due to lack of time or mood to make such a complicated research to find the perfect place. There are also some who may have financial issues but would love to have a nice escape from their daily routine. We are here to present some easy and inexpensive destinations for all of you!


A few years ago the picnic areas were mostly visited by families and elderly people. But the daily routine has changed the meaning of picnic for different age groups. Nowadays people of different ages prefer to have a nice and quiet picnic with their friends and families.

Economic crisis, people’s need to escape from noisy cities and feel the whole beauty of nature and the need for adventure and exploring have made picnic areas the favorite destination for young people, couples, families and friends of different age.

Every year more international tourists prefer to escape to these amazing natural oases so as to see something different and have a good time!

Argotourism has become very popular nowadays as well. It provides an easy escape from the city and brings you closer to the nature which allows full relaxation and bonding time with friend or family. Just pick one village you are interested in and your ideal companion and explore the amazing and majestic nature's beauty!

Because of the increased demand the picnic areas have all the necessary equipment and facilities to provide you a comfortable visit.

We have made a list of the top picnic areas that are very popular these days. Please, take a look and find one or even a few that match your needs.

1.  Agioi Anargigoi Excursion Area, Famagusta

The picnic area of Agioi Anargyroi located 8km from Ayia Napa at Cape Cavo Greco. It is near the church of St. Anargyroi and in Cape Greco National Forest Park.

It has tables, space for lighting the fire, drinking water and toilets. It has an altitude of 40m from the sea and capacity for 100 people. In the national park there are also refreshments, large restrooms, parking lot, bicycle road with a length of 4 km, a 16 km length network of trails and horses trail. The nature trails are the Konnos-Agioi Anargyroi path, Saints Anargyroi-Sea Caves, Kavos, and Konnos- Cave of the Cyclops.

What makes it differ from other picnic sites is that while the picnic area is small, the path is constructed, it simply does stand out. Located literally on the rocks, just above the magical sea area, it is spotless and most importantly there are ramps for the disabled throughout the camp.

LOCATION: Cavo Greco.

2.  Kornos Excursion Area, Larnaca

Located next to the Nicosia-Limassol highway among the pines. It has an altitude of 380m from the sea and capacity for 850 people.

Truth is that it is one of the most beautiful and organized picnic sites on the island. The large size of the picnic site is impressive and so is the beautiful playground with many games where children can play happily and safely as it is in very good condition.

It offers space for lighting fire, drinking water, tables and toilets.
REGION: Kornos, Larnaca.

3. Polemidion National Forest Park, Limassol

The picnic area of Polemidia is located near the town of Limassol and is a pleasant oasis in the hubbub of the city. It is located in the National Forest Park of Polemidia only 6km from the city center.

Its altitude is only 160m from the sea and has a capacity of 200 persons. It has tables, drinking water and toilets. In this picnic site it is not allowed to light a fire.

The forest park has a playground, walking paths, view spots, cafeteria, playgrounds, fitness trail, amphitheater and Museum of Natural History. There you will find a café where you can enjoy your drink and snack.

The purposes of the park are:
- The protection and conservation as a green lung.
- The leisure offer.
- Environmental education of the public.
4.  Athalassa National Park, Nicosia

In the national park of Athalassa there is a second picnic area to the area of Latsia. This area is located 8km from the center of Nicosia, has an altitude of 160m from the sea and has capacity of 450 persons. It has tables, drinking water and toilets.

In this picnic area it is not allowed to light fire. The park also features bike paths, walkways, sports fields, parking lots, Environmental Information Center, bird observatory, the Dam of Athalassa, botanical garden, path for dogs etc.

From the picnic area the paths of nature botanical Garden are crossing .
ADDRESS: National Park Athalassas.

5.  Aphrodite Hills, Paphos

The picnic area of Aphrodite Hills is one of the most beautiful in Cyprus. Overlooking the blue of the sea in combination with the sound of birds create a beautiful and magical sense. Peace, tranquility and beautiful feelings are inspired in this place.

It offers  games for children and many wooden tables where you can eat with your friends. What makes a striking impression is the two benches at the edge of the cliff, just above the sea where you can sit and enjoy a breathtaking view. There you feel the ultimate peace of mind!

Keep in mind: It includes parking space, but open flames are prohibited.
6.  Liavadi of Pasias, Troodos

The picnic area "Livadi of Pasias", located in Kakopetria towards Troodos. It is 7,7km from Karvounas and 2,3km from the Troodos Square. Located over to the right of the road going up to Troodos.

It has an altitude of 1600m and has also a capacity of 1600 people. Inside the green area, you will be available to light a fire, and there are also toilets, tables and drinking water for your convenience.

We could easily say that the beauty of nature in this part gives a recital after the tall green trees, stone paths that lead to the tables create a perfect sight.

A place where you can relax, get away from the tension and stress of the everyday life and live beautiful moments with friends and family. It's really worth to visit the picnic area "Livadi of Pasias".

Area: Troodos Forest.
+1!  Prodromos Dam, Troodos

Picnic Area of Prodromos is near the dam of Prodromos. The environment is unique as it combines the beautiful landscape of the dam with the green of the forest. The place is only 5km from Troodos Square. The picnic area is located at an altitude of 1600m above sea level and has a capacity of 300 people. There is space for lighting fire, toys for the kids, tables and toilets, but no drinking water.

If you seek the tranquility that you miss from your daily routine, if you need an expedition in nature without thinking anything - just enjoy the fresh air and the magic power of nature, this place is only for you. Short, tall and evergreen trees in combination with your coffee undoubtedly create a sense of freedom.

Location: Prodromos.

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