TRAVELING / Greece / Zagorochoria

Zagori area is 1000 t km and split into three geographical sections: West, East and Central Zagori.

The name 'Zagori" is of Slavic origin and means "Behind the mountain" implying the area behind Mt. Mitsikeli on the North of Ioannina City. The area thrived economically and culturally for centuries, duringin the Ottoman Rule. However, after the death of Ali Pasha in 1822 and the abolition of its privileges in 1868, Zagori fell into decline. Moreover, the wars of the 20th Century caused serious damages to the region.

Zagori is divided geographically into three sections: Western, Eastern and Central Zagori.

The picturesque villages are built amphitheatrically on the surrounding mountain range of Tymfe, Pindos and Mitsikeli.

The natural scenery is magnificent and ideal for a variety of activities.Local architecture is dominated by stone and wood .

One can admire the old arched stone bridges, the cobbled streets that converge at small picturesque squares, the incredible gorges and alpine altitude lakes, as well as the breathtaking views of the Vikos gorge.

Zagori offers unlimited possibilities for excursions and all kind of outdoor activities that will give you unforgettable experiences.

The imposing peak of Astraka and the mythical Drakolimni lake are a unique hiking destination. On the other side one can try a shorter, classic hiking trail: from the bridge of Kleidonia to the bridge of Papingo, crossing the Voidomatis river Gorge.

In Voidomatis River onecan enjoy an unforgettable rafting experience or trout fishing. In the river's last permitted area.

Skiing in the snowed hillside of Mt. Vasilitsa, Jeep safari excursions, horse riding, hiking the "Skala (Steps) of Vradeto", an impressive 200 years old cobbled path, or mountain biking, bow and arrow shooting or climbing the Tymphe rocks are just some of the experiences one can savor and enjoy in the region.



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