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The territory is mountainous and rocky. From the one part wild beauty of the mountains and on the other the green valleys, give the island a unique beauty.

Beaches of Amorgos are distinguished for their cleanliness and beyond. Their natural beauty combined with the deep blue Aegean Sea to cool the hot sand and raining the rugged rocks create the ideal escape scene from everyday routine. Characteristic of the island is that it has two natural harbors. The one in Katapola bay and the second in Aegiali.

Amorgos because of its geographical position, as it is across Ionic cities (Ephesus, Bodrum, Miletus) was one of the first stations of Ionic genders passed in the Cyclades. The remains of the three ancient cities of Arsekinis, Aegiali and Minoa, reveal important aspects of the historic route of the island.

Like all the Cyclades met Venetians and Turks and pirate raids. However, the island kept its identity and the residents of their particular Cycladic culture. Something that even now seems to architectural structure of the country and villages, and the way of life.
Friendly and cordial welcome you to their place and do everything they can for their guests to have an unforgettable holiday. That's why the island attracts every year more visitors. Because having natural beauty, historical - archaeological interest, religious monuments, entertainment, hiking routes. Still not convinced of? Visit Amorgos and happy holidays!


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