Palio Cinema (Old Cinema, Kalopanagiotis)

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Palio Cinema (Old Cinema) in Kalopanagiotis used to be, as the name states, an old cinema back in 1890, offering entertainment to the villagers who wanted to enjoy a good movie.

However, a lot have changed since then, and today the place has become a tavern which attracts the lovers of traditional Cypriot cuisine, offering food made with a lot of love and passion.

The magical scenery in combination with the old photographs that decorate the interrior make the whole place irreplaceable. Outside, you can see the entire forest and breathe in the pure fresh and clean mountain air.

On the other hand, 
Georgia the owner and her husband Valentinos, will gladly tour you in their cinematic interior decorated with elements that will take you back to a different Cyprus of the past.

Afterwards, you can ask the friendly hosts for their help on the menu where only recommend dishes are placed!

The kitchen manager Antzi, will make sure that her famous pastitsio is already getting ready for you, as of course the appetizers and 
other dishes that will leave you speechless.

This is a place where Cypriot hospitality is offered generously. Moreover, the staff will treat you as if you are their personal guests visiting their home, cooking only the best for you.

Sit comfortably next to the fireplace and enjoy a glass of good barrel wine, accompanied by hand-made sausage, bacon and lountza, homemade tsamarela, baked haloumi and freshly fried meatballs.

Try also the corn cobs, zucchini with eggs and, of course, the notorious Mrs. Andzie's pastitsio which is famous on TV as well!

Finally, the juicy pork souvlakia and shieftalies, as well as the lamb will leave you more than satisfied!

Contact information:
Telephone: 99130275
Address: 40 Markou Dradou str., Kalopanagiotis, Nicosia
Facebook: Το Παλιό Σινεμά
Timetable: Tuesday- Saturday 09.30-22.00 & Sunday until 17.00.

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