At Wagamama you can expect fresh, tasty food from authentic Japanese cuisine that is quickly served by their friendly staff!

The menu is rich and travels you to Japanese gastronomy.

Try Salmon tataki, not oily, cooked with hot peppers, roe, grated Mooji and chives, which will be served to you with ponzu citrus sauce. You will remember me!

If you prefer a salad, order the salad with greens, avocado and fresh salmon with sweet soy vinaigrette.

Leave room, of course, for the Maki that will excite you! The highly aromatic Grilled Salmon & Avocado with the creamy feel of mayabi with tobiko, justifies the reason that it's considered the top of the list of the shop.

Morevoer, Mango, Avocado and Cucumber with black and white sesame seeds melts in the mouth, leaving a slightly sweet-sour, mango flavor.

For dessert, try out the banana and caramel tempura in combination with vanilla ice cream that will leave you speechless.
Address: Themistokli Dervi 16, Nicosia
Telephone: 999092472
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