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We have been waiting for the opening of this famous Greek all day café-restaurant for so long, and finally it’s here!

Yes, you got that right, Estrella is here in Limassol and waiting for all of you to try their amazing exciting dishes!

The restaurant's story began in 2013 in beautiful Thessaloniki. Today, there are three Estrella stores in Greece and now one in Limassol!

And if you are wondering what you can find here that you can't find anywhere else, we have the answer!

In Estrella you will find a wide variety of imaginative and colorful choices for Breakfast and Brunch, as well as Lunch and healthy cuisine.

The craziest and most delicious combinations create the perfect sweet or sour snacks that will steal your heart.

Try the Nesquik Pancakes, the red velvet pancakes with red fruits, eggs cooked and served in all sorts of ways, peinirli with cheese and meat balls, breakfast pizza with eggs and avocado and of course the famous Bougatsan!

And as we all know, it cannot be breakfast without coffee, order a cup of your favourite caffeine pump and enjoy the new day! And for those (few) that don’t drink coffee, you can always try the fresh juices or the creative smoothie combos!

But the tasty and unique dishes are not the only reasons that people are in love ith Estrella.

Another interesting fact to know, is its incredible selection of famous artists’ signatures that can be found all over the place such as their digital prints, logo and place mats.

You can find Estrella at the inside courtyard of Maximos Plaza at Enaerios street. 

Telephone: 99878742
Address: Arch. Makariou C Av., Maximos Plaza, Limassol.
Facebook: Estrella Limassol

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