Forty Two Bar opened only three months but is a definite ‘new popular bar’ contender. One thing Nicosia is not short of is good bars! Other than the great design, atmosphere and a barman that spins cocktail mixers in the air, there are three factors that stand out: location, bar layout and blue wine.

Forty Two is in the centre of town at the end of the popular Stasikratous Street. It’s cleverly designed to attract from the outside but not offend anyone. Its slightly elevated from the street and the first thing you will see is a black retractable front with windows and copper coloured lighting emanating from within. It’s classy but not showy; less is more!

Over all the space is not huge but can offer privacy to those seated around one of the low tables hugging the perimeter and great people exposure at the bar. Everything feels new and the atmosphere is crisp and refreshing but not clinical.

The décor is simple with minimal black zig zag line drawings and a sketch of Marilyn Monroe and Dali on two of the walls. The colour scheme of black, light gray walls, some wood and comfy turquoise couches lining the back wall is again simple and it works well. The overhead copper lighting washes the space with familiarity and the colour scheme marries to give the venue a great upbeat vibe.

It’s officially a wine and cocktail bar with sharing food for the hungry. There are currently 10 signature cocktails based on traditional ones but spruced up with the mixologist’s personal touch. The popular drinks being FortyTwo Macho and Hugo. The bar offers an international wine selection of 53 labels, including organic and blue wine! Gik (from Spain) is a mixed white and red grape semi sweet wine that is bright blue; it’s natural and derives its colour from the skin of the red grape. Sold by bottle only.

Music is Jazz, Funk, 90s and commercial with DJs playing on Fridays and Saturdays.

Telephone: 70 088770
Address: 42 Stasikratous str., Nicosia
Facebook: FortyTwoBarCy

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