Liopetri river

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The river is located on the southeast coast of Famagusta. It's basically like a "fjord".

A narrow strip of water, with a helical shape having a length of about 600 meters, width of 20-25 meters and a depth of between 2-5 meters.

Formed by the confluence of the rain water surrounding villages poured into the sea. The landscape presents a natural beauty of the rocky place, abandoned quarries, and wild vegetation.

In the middle of this sea lane is a large natural rock, which the inhabitants of the surrounding villages called "Karavopetra" because in the old days was used as a mooring for passing boats anchored, to obtain drinking water from a natural spring of fresh water, located directly on the shore of "river" next to Karavopetra.

Location: Liopetri, Ayia Napa, Deryneia

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