Cyprus Monasteries -2

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Starting from Lefkosia (Nicosia) and heading towards Kato Deftera, the visitor will have the opportunity to visit the hermitage of Panagia tis Chrysospiliotissas and then moving towards the village of Pera Chorio, the church of Agion Apostolon.

This route is the shortest without this meaning that it is of less significance. In Dali, the church of Agios Dimitrianos has magnificent frescoes of 1317 AD. In Agios Sozomenos, apart from a church built under Turkish rule, there is another one which is, however, unfinished of Franco-Byzantine style dedicated to Agios Mamas.

Monuments: Hermitage of Panagia Chrysospiliotissa, Kato Deftera – Church of Agion Apostolon, Pera Chorio – Church of Agios Georgios and Church of Agios Dimitrianos, Dali – Church of Agios Mamas and Hermitage Cave, Agios Sozomenos.

Total route length: 44 kilometres.
Start Point: Hermitage of Panagia Chrysospiliotissa, Kato Deftera
End Point: Church of Agios Mamas and Hermitage Cave, Agios Sozomenos

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