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This trail offers you wonderful views over the valley, Kannavia - Ag.Eirinis. Part of the trail passes through pine forests. Linked to other trails in the area and in particular with the Madari paths - Selladi of Karamanli and Moutti Country - Selladi Karamanlis. The last 1,5 km of the trail is along a dirt road which then becomes paved road until Kannavia village where is the end.
The village Kannavia is located in Nicosia about 52 km southwest of the capital.
The village is built on the northern slopes of Madari, a medium altitude of 800 meters. The main agricultural products are grapes (wine grapes), fruit trees (mainly apple), potatoes, almonds and a few vegetables. But the main area of ​​the village consists mainly of forest land, which is part of the Forest Brothers, which surrounds the village.
To the northwest of the village (within the administrative boundaries) within 4 km you will find the picnic area of ​​Kapouras near the homonym Forest Station. Also in recent years, on the outskirts of Madari south of the village paths which receive large numbers of tourists have been engraved by the Department of nature study.
The strange name of the village probably came from the fact that they cultivated the Hemp plant in the area in earlier times, one of the main crop species in Cyprus once.
The village exists at least since the time of the Franks and as it was reported by Latri it was a Royal Manor. It is also mentioned in old maps as Cannania.
The village has experienced population fluctuations, the 1891 inhabitants was 46, 1901 65, 1921 85, 1946 198, 1960 222, 1976 317 and in 1982 the inhabitants were 219. Today the population of the village consists of 200 inhabitants , but with large number of expatriates who visit the village during summer months.
The main church which can be found in the village is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and belonged to a monastery that was destroyed in the 18th century. In the village you will also find a church of 18-19 century dedicated to Saint George.
Moreover, from Kannavia descended the fallen EOKA fighters Andreas Patsalidis and Harry Pettemeridis. In their honor a monument that dominates the village was erected.
The village of Agia Irini
Agia Irini is a charming little village in the Nicosia district. It is built on the southern end, yet at the highest point of the Olive Tree Valley. From Agia Irini, you can enjoy wonderful views to the green Madari or along the Nature Trail that starts from the heart of the village, the breathtaking view of the gulf of Morphou.
It is a village rich with vegetation and few crops. Special beauty to Saint Irene gives the Brothers forest, where pine trachea prevails. Apart from the rough pine,  other plant species, including the terebinth, the golden oak and androuklies offer a different special color in St. Irene.
national offer
The older residents of St. Irene have much to tell you about the liberation struggle of 1955-1959. The village, due to the mountainous terrain of, was ideal for guerrilla warfare. Not a few villagers who offered their help to the fighters who sought refuge in the region. As highlighted Karouzis, one of the events were strongly engraved in the memory of the villagers is the battle of Spilia. Then, Grigoris Afxentiou sought protection in St. Irene.
Agia Irini is a small populated village. It is one of the villages of Nicosia significantly been affected by urbanization. From 1881 to 2001, the village had a population increase.
Prepare mood, then, and go! Worth an acquaintance with our beautiful villages !!

Starting point: Selladi Karamanlis street from Saranti to Spilia

Path Length: 3 km

Considerable time: 1.5 hours

Degree of difficulty: 3

Format: Linear

ADDRESS: Madari Region, Troodos Mountains


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