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Graphic images of the surrounding villages of Pedoulas, Moutoula, Kalopanagiotis and beyond, towards Morfou Bay. Along the route there are several wooden structures for exercise. Local interesting flora is marked with signs.
The beautiful Pedoulas
The Pedoulas is a popular summer resort with a fascinating past. Located on the northern slopes of the Troodos Mountains, 1100 meters above sea level.
The history of Pedoulas dating back to Byzantine times and on Frankish and Venetian was royal property. Training in the village officially began in 1853 AD while private schools functioned already since 1700 AD The Pedouliotes enrolled in local schools Elementary and Secondary Education of the village.
Agriculture was from the beginning the mainstay of the village economy and Pedoulas has always been an ideal place for growing cherries, apples and other fruit trees. But agriculture alone, did not generate enough income, so even in difficult times of its history Pedoulas, tourism, trade and cottage industries were promoted as additional sources of income. The weaving was the exclusive involvement of women in the winter days. Most households had looms in which they made cotton and woolen fabrics, carpets and blankets. Experience still many tanneries in the village allow until recently residents of Pedoulas engaged in processing skins of which were made shoes and boots.
Before the end of World War II and the years that followed, the economy of the village flourished. There is still evidence of the prosperity of those of previous generations. Schools, churches, public buildings, hotels and tanneries preserved until today. The Pedoulas was an innovative tourism center and cherry production and at that time was the cultural and commercial center of fourteen villages Marathasa region.
The Pedoulas is didymopoiimenos / twinned with the municipality of Peania and former Trikolonoi now Gortynias. Both twinning arrangements were made on the initiative and under the care of the late Andrew L.
Start Point: Main road Pedoulas - Prodromos - Troodos, near the road leading to the hotel «The Churchill Pinewood Valley».
Estimated Duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour
Difficulty Rate: Category 1: Easy trail, with terrain problems and mild changes in gradient.
Trip Length: 800 meters


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