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The trail starts from point Machairas-Kionia dirt road and ends at the picnic area of ​​Mantra Kampiou. Passes through lush vegetation and next to the ruins of the old mantra of which probably took its name the picnic site of Mantra Kampiou. It offers panoramic views of the surrounding area and the plain of Mesaoria.
One kilometer from the picnic area "Kionia" and 100 before the "Kakokefalos' peak, at an altitude of 1235 meters, is the starting point of the nature study trail" Kakokefalos-Mantra of Kampiou ".
Initially to prepare by telling you that the trail is 5.5 km and has difficulty level 3, which is the highest degree of difficulty and not without reason!
Do not attempt to "walk" without being properly prepared, both physically and mentally.
Although most of the route is downhill, passes through rough and rugged locations. In some places it passes over vertical cliffs. Elsewhere follows the river and passes through dense undergrowth.
There are many viewpoints from where you can see villages of Larnaca and Nicosia.
Shortly before the finish, which is the picnic area "Mantra of Kampiou" and next torrent tributary of the plan area, will pass from the ruins of an old forest station.

Do not attempt to do the route in reverse, ie from the picnic area "Mantra of Kampiou" to Kakokefalo Kionia. This route, dramatically increases the degree of difficulty and the finish is doubtful if you're not an athlete kind .. !!
The trail is linear. This means that in the end, whoever he may be, should be a waiting vehicle, otherwise it will have to do the route twice.

The path to the trail has to offer much. Aside from the flora and fauna of the forest will be able to see the changes in the volcanic rocks of the mountain. The view that if you start the route from the location Kakokefalos is unique, at the same time the purl of the river, will keep you company in large part.
A prerequisite is the mountain of shoes to avoid sliding and water supply.
One thing is for sure, if you manage to "tame" Kakokefalos, you will be able to boast about your achievement and for good reason .. !!
Starting point: Dirt road to Machairas Kionia, 1 km around before Kionia picnic site. Ends the picnic area of ​​Mantra Kampiou
Trail length: 5,5 km
Considerable time: 2.5 hours
Degree of difficulty: 3
Format: Linear


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