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The picnic area, the dam and the environmental center at the intersection of Avenue Kyrenia (Kyrenia) in Athalassa Avenue, will intrigue you in this route.
The St. George's Park is part of the National State Forest Athalassa area of ​​approximately 900 hectares.
Throughout the park, especially in and around the lake you will meet many types of life which are hosted such as birds, bats, ducks, fish, turtles, reptiles, cats, hares, foxes, lizards, skarn, and hundreds of different types of vegetation such as pine, eucalyptus, acacia, cypress, etc. 
On the trail park, you will find bicycle paths if you are fond of the sport, playground and picnic areas. Living in a country which, as you know, is suffering from drought, the forest of Athalassa holds an even more important role.
This space is a reference point for all of us who want to rest and relax, play and healthy exercise or simply become for a little while one with nature!
Let's enjoy together and let's protect this little paradise.
Start Point: dam Parking St. George. Access from the main street, Aglantzia - Geri and Kyrenia Avenue, near the intersection with the road Aglantzia - Geri.
End Point: Agios Georgios dam
Estimated Duration: 45 minutes
Difficulty Rate: Category 1: Easy trail, with terrain problems and mild changes in gradient.
Trip Length: 2 km


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