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The first part of the route crosses the Rizoelia National Forest Park, a recreation area which offers you a wide range of services, such as picnic site, cycling and hiking trails, sports fields and places of natural beauty. As a hiker you can admire the beautiful views of the Larnaca Salt Lake, Larnaka Airport, the village of Aradippou and the west part of Stavrovouni rocky peak.
The main forms of vegetation that will meet throughout the park consist of cypress, pine and acacia trees with low shrubs, mainly thyme, prickly burnet, wild asparagus and caper. The rock formations consist mainly of gypsum, chalky marls, alluvial deposits of the river, marl and calcareous sandstone.
Leaving the park from the northern exit, the route directs you to Notre Vines or Virgin blood through asphalt road 1 kilometer, crosses the Larnaka motorway - Nicosia (A2) from overhead bridge and continues parallel to the motorway Rizoelia - Ayia Napa (A3 ). It then crosses the Larnaka - Athienou and reaches the village of Kellia. In this part of the route alternating gravel and asphalt for 4 km. Passes the village of Kellia, rural roads, through the Forest Voroklini (altitude 100 meters) and climbs through forest roads to the Chapel of the Prophet Elijah, offering you a panoramic view of the whole of Larnaka Bay, the area of ​​the British Dhekelia Base and surrounding villages .
The chapel of Prophet Elias
An old ancient church worth visiting, is built on top of the mountain to the west of the village. The chapel is dedicated to the Prophet Elias and was built 500 years ago. Built in the 16th century. In the 20th century the chapel received a second building. The new building bring 1 ½ meter higher elevation than the old building. The old building remained as the most sacred of the whole edifice. Architectural built in Byzantine aisled Rhythm, not a very big church, but can accommodate up to 60 people. Externally it is entirely built of stone. On the side you will see the old bell tower, that calls the faithful to come during celebrations. In the old building there were frescoes. Hundred of years ago, there was a fire and the paintings were altered so as not to be distinguished so much today. Inside the shrine is made of pine wood, with simple kettepe and painted, with dark varnish. The few images of saints and the dedicated icon of Prophet Elias, in embracing you and even pay a supplement to the completion of the ecclesiastical wealth.
The church received new maintenance 1994 with church expenses. Today it is a listed building.
Operated 3-4 times a year. Prophet Elias, celebrate solemnly in Oroklini community. Gathered much people from the surrounding areas on 20 July and a festival.
The route then passes on through Voroklini village and continues eastwards to the bi-communal village of Pyla (3 km dirt track), inhabited by Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. The village has a wide range of tavernas for you, offering excellent fish dishes. From Pyla you can head south along the coastal road of Dhekelia, in a tourist area with many restaurants and hotels, and from there to the free areas of Famagusta region through Kokkinochoria. Alternatively, you can turn back through Pyla.
Start Point: Rizoelia
End Point: Pyla
Estimated Duration: About 9-12 hours
Trip Length: 28 km


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