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The Folk Art Museum was founded in 1997 by the Community Council of Arsos and the Association for the Development of Arsos. The Museum is housed in a restored 18th century residence, which constitutes a Table B’ Ancient Monument. The restoration works were conducted under the supervision of the Department of Antiquities.

The aims that led to the creation of the Folk Art Museum were the preservation of the folkways of the community of Arsos, as well as the preservation of the rich Cultural Heritage of Krasochoria (Wine-Villages). The Museum is actually a traditional house of the area displaying its entire household equipment.

At the front part of the house there is a high stony wall and the front door leads the visitor to the stone built yard and the shed where several tools and materials related to vineyards and wine are displayed. These include the boiler used for the production of the alcoholic drink of ‘zivania’, the vineyard plough, corves and many other tools which are no longer used.

Moving on, the visitor enters the so called ‘Palace’ which was the main multiple-usage hall for the family. The room was used as a kitchen, a dining room and a living room. Here, one can see traditional chairs, a fireplace, a barbecue grill, a cooking stove, copper domestic utensils, a dresser, a cupboard and many more pieces of household equipment.  

Next, there is the cellar where the traditional ‘Linos’ is preserved with the large clay jars, the presser and the other traditional winery tools. From the paved yard, a stony staircase leads visitors to two upper floor rooms.

In the big room visitors can admire the traditional bed, the wardrobe where the traditional ladders are kept, the old Venetian mirror, the sofa, the console, the baby bed, the loom and the carved chest. In the inside room there is a permanent exhibition of old photos taken during past events, wedding parties, National Fights and many other activities.  

The Museum building is ideal for hosting various exhibitions such as painting and photography exhibitions and many other events. 

Tel: +357 25 943 223

Address: Arsos, Lemesos
Operating Hours: To arrange a visit please contact Mrs Patra Psilogeni at the telephone number of the Museum
Operating Period: All year round
Entrance Fee: Free Entrance

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