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The Museum is dedicated to all men, women and children who lived in Steni Village during the difficult and challenging years from the day of its creation to the end of the Second World War.

Weaving in the loom scene, ploughing scene, tools and equipment, handicrafts, kitchenware, pots and jars, traditional clothing are some of the exhibits of this amazing museum.

The village of Steni is only 5 km away from Polis Chrysochous. The village has a traditional character and is very beautiful. It is located by the road which leads to Stavros Psokas and a visit there can be combined with excursions in the area. The Museum is situated inside the new community buildings complex, which are built in a traditional style.

It consists of a lobby, where somebody can find copies of the Museum guide with explanations and information regarding all exhibits both in the Greek and English language, and a room where all exhibits are placed in such a way that their use will be comprehensible for visitors.

There are several corners, such as the rural occupation corner with all the tools. The tools are placed on ledges which were smartly designed by the president of the community himself so that the visitor, while standing in front of them, can see the objects placed behind them, on the wall. The museum can be accessed by handicapped persons through a ramp who also have access to lavatories for the handicapped.  

This museum is highly representative of rural life in Cyprus for the time period 1800 until 1945 and it would be good if it was included in the organization’s brochures and excursion programs. 

It constitutes an adornment for the area in combination with the other villages of the area which have been beautified, it can be an attraction magnet for both Cypriots and foreigners.

Tel:  +357 99 625 004, Fax: +357 26 352 020
Address: Steni Village, Pafos
Operating Period: All year round

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