Pissouri Beach

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Located on the southern point of the village, Pissouri Beach is noted for its fine golden sand, multicoloured small pebbles, moderate waves and crystal clear azure waters.
Protected by the spectacular white cliffs of Cape “Aspro” on each side, Pissouri Beach is calm and peaceful. Its incomparable beauty combined with the light and the white colour of the cliffs serves as a magnet for visitors.
It is a quite large beach, 1.500 metres long by 90 metres wide, and there is ample room for bathers. Sports fans can water ski, windsurf, sail and paraglide. Pissouri Beach is proud of its free facilities. Two changing rooms, toilets and shower points are available for public use.
Moreover, an adequate number of fully equipped lifeguards patrol the area in the summer season. A nearby public parking place offers easy access to the beach.
There are five public footpaths, two of them catering for the needs of the disabled. Situated nearby are two beach hotels, several restaurants, bars and pizza places as well as a variety of shops.
Accreditation: Blue Flag
Facilities: Lifeguard, Changing Rooms, Toilets, Showers.


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