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Remnants of ancient Kition, located in the area occupied by the city of Larnaca, are visible in various parts of the modern city center. The first organized settlement in the area of Kition dates to the beginning of the13th century BC.

At the end of that century or the beginning of the next, Achaeans redesigned and rebuilt the city, fortifying it with cyclopean walls. The Phoenicians settled in the area in the 9th century BC.

In 312 BC the city kingdom of Kition was occupied and then destroyed by Ptolemy 1st Soter, though habitat ion continued into Christian times.

Kition was well known during antiquity because of its harbour, from which many agricultural products were exported to the eastern Mediterranean, Egypt and the Aegean.

Moreover, its strategic position rendered it an exceptional naval base. French excavations have brought to light the dockyards (neoria), at the foot of Pamboula Hill.

Note: Wheelchair accessible (circulation within the site also possible)

Tel: +357 24 304 115
Address: Kiti, Larnaka
Operating Period: All year round


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