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The Zenovia, a Swedish Ro-Ro 172 meter ferry carrying 108 articulated lorries, sank in 1980.

It lies on its port side on a flat bed of sand and rocks. Both the ferry and its cargo are still intact and fascinating to explore! The wreck is also home to schools of fish, including grouper, barracuda and tuna.

The dive starts at 17 meters and bottoms at 43 meters. The visibility is up to 50 meters and the water temperature is a comfortable 16 to 28 °C.

Note that an advanced open water (AOW) qualification is required. The only access of this area is by boat.

You will find it waiting for you to explore, just 1.4 kilometres off the coast of Larnaka.

Tip: It is rated one of the 10 best wreck dives in the world!

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